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Skills Analysis

This article shows the Skills Analysis feature, which lets you view utilization and shortfall at a skill level.


ResourceFirst includes a powerful Skills Analysis tool to view utilization, demand, capacity, and variance by skill for the resource/project nodes specified in your main Get Data Filter. Clicking the Skills Analysis selection in the Resource area shows you by default Utilization by skill. Utilization is expressed as the percentage of the demand for the skill (whether or not it has been allocated), compared to the capacity of all resources having that skill.


The color thresholds are set by the administrator for all users.

·      clipboard_efe52dcf8432d966874152f4d45f99ab7.png   Red indicates over-utilized.

·       clipboard_e1b76783c84440fb7c80067a6bfd1aacb.png  Dark blue indicates under-utilized.

·      clipboard_eb23f6b85c770fd25bd077d7193f0409d.png  No color for an interval indicates utilization is within adequate threshold.

·         &     A white ampersand Indicates no demand or capacity for that period 

·        clipboard_e452f3e00b0c555cb982c4906581223bf.png      A gold number sign (#) indicates demand is greater than zero but capacity is zero.

Selecting Data Type

In the upper left dropdown, you can select among multiple data types to view. The default is % Utilization, but if you wish, you can choose to view demand, capacity, or variance by user, as depicted in the dropdown selector below:


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