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Exercise: Managing Resources

This exercise for ResourceFirst users can be used to validate your understanding of the resource management concepts in the product.

Your local administrator has created a “Test Project Node” project OBS node and some test projects.  You will use the test projects in this test project node, and a test resource, that YOU will create in your own real node, to do the exercises.  In your node, do the following:

  1. Focus your session scope to your Resource Node and the Test Project Node node using the Filters button (explained in the Overview and Introduction and Navigation training module).

  2. Add a “Your Name- New Hire” resource, populating their Resource, Primary Skill, Org and Date Hired fields.

  3. Save your changes.  Ongoing, save your changes as desired (but ONLY for these test resources and test projects).

  4. Check in the Capacity tab to make sure the added resource has the correct capacity.  If not, correct it and Save.

  5. Add a secondary skill for your resource.

  6. Your resource is changing to part time three months from  now.  Change capacity to half time starting 3 months from now.

  7. Add a Resource Assignment for your test resource with forecasts for test projects that are at or below her capacity for most intervals, but that total more than their capacity for some intervals.

  8. View the Resource Utilization sheet and note the colors indicating over and underutilization.

  9. Fix the over utilization issue for your test resource by converting the excess allocation to a skill need.  Hint: Use Convert to Skill (Shortfall Only).

  10. Add another new hire in your team (different name) with same skill, with capacity.

  11. For the new skill assignment that was excess allocation for your test resource, find any candidates with availability and the right skill and assign it to that candidate.  Hint: Use Show Candidates.

  12. Add a totally new skill assignment, for the skill that your test resources have, to be filled within your node.

  13. Fill the full demand for that skill need with the best test resource candidate in the node (even if it causes overallocation).

  14. Hmm…it is that time in your cyclic process to address your incoming requests from PMs…click on your Resources/Requests tab and Accept any incoming Open requests.  Then, tell your requestors that you accepted their request, and you/they should verify that the changes are now present in Forecasts (e.g., by exiting out of Resources center and reselecting Resources/Forecasts).
  15. When you are finished, please delete your test resources and save.  Your administrator will delete the test project.
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