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Managing Utilization

This article outlines how to view and manage resource utilization in ResourceFirst using the Utilization tab.

Managing Utilization

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The Utilization tab is a read-only summary of the utilization of each resource by period (for periods/resources specified with Get Data). Utilization is expressed as the percentage of that resource’s overall demand, compared to the capacity for the resource.

The color thresholds are set by the administrator for all users.

  •  Red indicates over-utilized.
  •  Dark blue indicates under-utilized.
  •  No color for an interval indicates “roughly right” periods.
  •  A gold number sign (#) indicates demand is not equal to zero but capacity is zero (demand # [not equal] zero).
  •  An orange ampersand (&) indicates there is no demand and no capacity.

Double Click Drill Down to Forecast

By double-clicking in any effort cell in the Utilization sheet, the Forecast sheet will be opened, filtered to only show that Resource’s assignments.

When highlighting a particular forecast line, it is possible to filter by that Resource, by that Project, or to remove filters using the filters in upper right (the funnel icon to the left of the image below). Selecting "Show All" essentially removes the filters.



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