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Adding and Editing Resources

This article explains the Resource Data tab in ResourceFirst, and shows how to add and edit resources.

Resource Data

The Resource Data page shows all the resources included in the OBS node filters you've selected (via the Funnel icon in the top right Resource First icon tray), along with summary information. This page also enables the addition of new resources and editing of resource information (for users with the appropriate rights level).

Note in particular the actions possible using the buttons at upper left.  Hovering over the buttons shows the functionality:

Resource Data Fields

Some important resource data fields are:

  • Resource- The name of the resource.

  • Org- The organization node in the resource OBS in which the resource works.

  • Primary Skill- The primary skill

  • Date Hired- The date the resource was hired.

  • Date Terminated- The date the resource was terminated (or will be).  If active employee, this field will be blank.

  • Key- This field links a user in the user table to the resource.  This is necessary to facilitate actuals tracking using timesheets.

  • Active- Whether the resource is an active employee.

  • User Defined Fields- Additional fields may be defined for customer specific purposes.  Common examples are Employee Number, Employee Type (employee, contractor, temporary), Location, Cost Center, and Supervisor.

Edit Resource

To edit resource information in the Resource Data tab, select the resource record, and click on the cell you want to edit, e.g. change Primary Skill. The grid will automatically change the input control to match the data required for the field (text, list, and date).

You can edit multiple records, before saving your changes to the database. Each edited field will have a small red marker on it to indicate a change.


Select Resources>Resource Data and click + sign

Select a Resource Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) from the drop down list, e.g. “Portfolio 1” and enter Resource Name, e.g. “Schmidt, Marge” and click Add button.

For information on adding and/or maintaining a Resource OBS, please refer to the System Configuration Guide – link to doc here.

Enter Resource Name, e.g. “Schmidt, Marge” and click Add button, and the new resource will be saved to the database.

A new tab will appear for the added resource (just “X” out of that), and the new resource will be in the Resource Data tab.  Edit other field values as needed for the resource and save your changes using the Save button at upper right.


Selecting one or more Resource rows and clicking “Delete” will remove the Resource and all of their assignment/actuals history from the database.  A warning is provided.  In many cases, it may be better to deactivate the resource instead, using the Active field. See next section.


When you uncheck the active flag of a resource, a dialog will show up requesting instructions how to deal with future demand.

  • Convert – will convert all future demand from the day of deactivation (or termination day if that is provided) to a skill assignment

  • Delete – will delete all future demand from the day of deactivation (or termination day if that is provided)

Don’t forget to save.


Clicking the “Assign” button allocates the Resource to a Project need. Enter part of the Project name or “*” to see a drop down list.  A wild card “*” is automatically added before and after the search key. Select the project desired and click Assign.

Enter the forecast in each interval and click Save button in upper right.

Hyperlink to Resource

Clicking the hyperlink for an individual resource takes the user to the Team Member center for that Resource.

The Resource Team Member center capabilities are similar to those in the Resource Center tabs, just focused on that individual resource.  

Managing Skills of a Resource

The simplest approach is to enter/modify the Primary Skills field in the Resource Data tab. If the new primary skill does not exist for the Resource in the detailed skill list, it will automatically be added with the highest proficiency rating.

For more detailed skill configuration, clicking the “Show Skills Grid” button lists detailed skill and proficiency information about the selected resource.  Don’t forget to save. To make the Skills Grid invisible, click the button again.

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