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Managing Resources in ResourceFirst

This overview page explains the context for managing resources in ResourceFirst and offers a short video.

Typically, resource managers create and modify resources, project or portfolio managers create and modify projects, and resource/project managers create/modify assignments in close collaboration.  We will look at each role’s part of the process and how the tool supports that user’s actions.

Resource managers use ResourceFirstTM to manage resources and allocate resource assignments in the resource role-based center.

To manage resources, click the Resources icon (the "people" icon in the upper left tray). This opens a Resources tab, as illustrated below.



Note the seven main tabs to manage each aspect of resources:

  • Resource Data
  • Capacity
  • Teams
  • Utilization
  • Skill Analysis
  • Forecast
  • Requests

We'll examine each of these tabs, but first, here's a short video about how resource allocation works in ResourceFirst:


The recommended articles in the Resource Management section of this site explore the tabs in more detail.

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