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Project Effort Scenarios

This article describes the features of the effort scenario planning page in the Projects area.

Effort Scenarios Overview

This page displays a stacked area chart showing the effort (FTE) profile for each project.

The table below the chart shows effort by period, total effort, and provides three effort manipulation columns:

Exclude   If checked, the effort for this project is omitted in the chart.

Delay       If a positive or negative integer is present, move all effort forward or backward by the specified number of periods.

Scale       If a positive or negative percent value is present, multiply every period value by that percent.


To set a reference target effort line, put a target value in the entry box at the bottom left of the chart.


The effort profile on any project can be excluded, moved earlier or later, and increased or decreased by specifications in the three scenario columns. After making all changes of interest for the scenario, click the Recalculate button at the upper right of the table. If there are any periods where the total exceeds the target, cells that are above target from the bottom of the priority list up are highlighted to show violations.


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