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Adding, Deleting, and Editing Projects

This article shows how to add a new project into the system, how to delete a project, and how to edit project attributes.

This article shows how to add and delete projects and edit project information.

Add Projects 

Select Projects>Data and click the + sign


Select a Project Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) node from the drop-down list, e.g. “Portfolio 1\Products” and enter/add a Project Name, e.g. “Puerto Rico,” as in the diagram below.



Select the + Add button to add the new project.

Note, if you're not authorized to add projects directly, you would select the Initiate button to submit it as a project initiation request.

(Initiation requests appear in the Initiation page under the Projects area). For more on this, see "Initiate Project and Add to the Initiation Form" below.

Once the project is added to the Data page, select/click the Save icon (to the upper right) to save the update.


Delete Projects 

Select Projects>Data and click the X sign


Respond Yes to the confirmation message.

Note: Projects and their associated records, e.g. assignments, actuals, are NOT permanently deleted from the database. They are marked as deleted and made inactive. The records can be retrieved by a database administrator.


Edit Project Information

Fields (columns or cells) on the Project Data page can be modified. Click on a cell you want to edit.  If the field has a defined list of valid values, a drop down arrow appears in the cell. Click on the arrow to enter a valid value. If the field is not otherwise restricted (e.g. by access rights), simply enter a value..

Note: You can also click on a project name hyperlink and update information in the form on the Project Info page. For more information on the Project Info page, see the article xxx.

Each edited field will have a small red marker on it to indicate a change.


After making all your changes click the Save icon in the upper right of the screen to save to the database.


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