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Project Intake and Initiation

This article explains the intake process in ResourceFirst, including how to request a project initiation, how to review initiation requests, and how to approve them.

Initiate Project

Project Initiation Request Overview

A project initiation request in ResourceFirst represents a proposed or requested project, and appear on the Projects>Initiation page. There, they can be approved or rejected.

While users with rights to create projects (P2 rights or above) can create projects directly on the Projects > Data page, users without those rights can request the initiation of a project. 

Initiation requests are maintained in a separate area (the Projects > Initiation page) where required planning data can be entered to support an approval decision. Initiation request projects do not appear anywhere else in the system.

Project forms defined in the Administration area are available for entering data on the initiation page. This can be used as a project charter and/or business case for approving the project to be added to the Project Data page. Once the originator submits the form for approval (there is also a Save button for saving prior to submission), the project will be added to the Initiation page pending approval. 

Who Approves? If the project manager field (sometimes called Manager) is populated on the initiation form, he or she will be the approver. Otherwise, anyone with P2 rights or higher to the project node will be able to approve. See Administering Rights and Privileges for more on rights. Rejected requests are removed from the pending initiation list. Approved requests immediately show up on the Project Data page and have been automatically saved to the database.

Approval Notifications: Notifications to users based on approval are based on the Pulse Engine. A Pulse engine item is required for notifying users, and it can be set up to be an in-app notification or an email notification. 

Labor and financial assignments cannot be created for projects on this page. You would need to create those via the Assignments function once the project is approved to be an official project.

To submit a project initiation request:

From the Project Data page, click the “+” icon to open the dialog and click the Initiate button, not the Add button.


From the Initiation page, click the “+” icon to open the dialog.


Enter a project OBS node and new project name and click the Initiate button.

Select the new project request in the left pane of the Initiation page.

Select the appropriate initiation form if it is not showing already.

Enter data that is available at this time in the form and click the Save icon in the upper right of the page to save your data. Once you are ready to submit the proposed project for approval, click the Submit icon in the upper right (pictured below).


During subsequent sessions prior to submission, use any of the project forms to enter data required for an approval decision. Once the project is submitted, it cannot be changed.

Once submitted, inform your approver by some method that the request is ready for approval review. As noted above, Pulse Engine notifications can be set up. See your ResourceFirst administrator for more details. If creating a Pulse notification, the fields to look at are:

  • PDWProject.State = 1 (1=Submitted)
  • PDWProject.RespondTIme (last time the state was changed)




Please note that initiated projects do not appear on the Data page until they are approved. Until then, they appear on the Initiation page, where they can be approved or rejected by an authorized user.

To Edit the Attributes of the Proposed Project

The originator, the user identified as the project manager, and any user with P2 or above node rights can edit fields. The user must click the Save icon to save these changes to the database.

To Approve/Reject an Initiation Request

A user with edit rights (P2) to the project OBS of the requested project (or someone designated as the project manager in the Manager dropdown) can approve or reject it.

Review the request by looking at one or more of the project forms available on the Initiation page.

With the request selected, click the “X” icon at the upper left to reject the request or click the checkmark icon at the left upper middle to approve it.

The request is removed from the list as soon as one of those icons is clicked. Don't forget to press the Save button.

If approved, the project appears immediately in a row on the Project Data page.

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