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Project Area Overview

Project Area Overview

The icons at the top of the screen provide access to the major areas of ResourceFirst. Administrative configuration settings and the user’s rights determine which icons are present.

For example:

If user rights are: P0 (read only) to All; P1 (project manager) – to a project; and the user is not a team member for time tracking.

User sees the Resources, Projects, and Reports icons.


If user rights are: P0 (read only) to All; P3 (project administrator) – to a project node.

User sees in addition the PMO and Portfolio Financials icons.


The Projects area is opened by clicking the briefcase icon (highlighted in blue above). It contains six (6) primary pages from which individual project workspaces can be opened (except from the Initiation page). If an individual project workspace is opened, the tab for the page will appear at the end ((such as in the Puerto Rico project example below)








One or more individual project workspaces (in this example, the Puerto Rico project)

Note: The projects and related data that appears is based on the selection in your filter, which is the Funnel icon at the top right of your screen (the upper right control panel is below):


See ResourceFirst Navigation for more on setting filters.


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