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Ask your local administrator to create a “Test Org” resource OBS node and a “Test Project Node” project OBS node and a couple test projects.  In the Test Org node, do the following:

  1. Focus your session scope to the Test Org and Test Project Node nodes using the Get Data button (explained in the Overview and Introduction and Navigation training module). Your administrator will provide a test project to use for the rest of the exercise.

  2. Create a new test project called “Your Name- TestProj99” and make yourself the project manager for the project.  Fill in any attributes you choose to for that project.

  3. Save your changes.  Ongoing, save your changes as desired (but ONLY for the test project).

  4. Edit the priority of “Your Name- TestRsrc1” to 9000 (and any other fields you wish to change) and save your change.

  5. Add and Request a Skill Assignment for your project, to be filled in the Test Org node.  Be sure to enter forecasts for some intervals.  Note, after exiting Project center and reselecting Projects/Forecast, that your requested assignment is NOT yet in Forecast…it is in the Resource Manager’s incoming requests queue.

  6. View the Project Demand sheet and note the colors indicating over and underutilization.  Drill in to a particular project and examine why the color exists.

  7. Hmm…it is that time in your cyclic process to make sure your requests get Accepted/Acknowledged by the responsible Resource Manager.  Tell them you sent them a request and ask for them to accept it.  After they accept the request, you/they should verify that the new assignment and/or changes are now present in Forecasts (e.g., by exiting out of Projects center and reselecting Projects/Forecasts).
  8. For bonus points, update the forecast for the Skill Assignment that you requested and was accepted, and is now in Forecasts. Request that update and work with the Resource Manager to get it accepted and in Forecasts.

  9. Your administrator will delete the test projects.
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