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Project Financials



ResourceFirst allows for easy entry and maintenance of the project's financials (aka the project budget). 

In the example below, the tab for project A1002 is open (in blue). Within each project, there is a Financials tab for viewing/editing the financial items. Note below that the first three columns are the organization's cost OBS (the "From" column), the financial item, and the category.

To the right, notice that there is a Date Range button for modifying how you wish the budget to appear (months, years, etc.) and for how may periods.

Also note the Save icon next to the Date Range button. Whenever cells are modified, you must click the Save button to save your changes. 

To the left of the screen, there is an ADD button for adding new financial items, a DELETE button for deleting items, and a POST LABOR COST button for posting the labor costs from the project. This allows you to key an estimated labor cost into the plan, and then have it updated with the real costs as the project progresses.


To add a financial item, click the ADD button in the screen above. You'll be presented with the following dialog. Simply search for the Cost OBS level the financial item is applicable to, and the search for the cost item to add. 

Cost items are defined in Administration, as well as the Cost OBS.

Once your choices are selected, click ADD.





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