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Portfolio Financial Assignments

This article shows how to add, delete, and modify financial forecasts and actuals for all projects in the current data set.

Portfolio Financial Assignments Overview

The Assignments page in the Portfolio Financial Area has the financial assignments of all projects in the current data set. Users with the required rights can add, modify, and delete financial assignments on this page.

Portfolio Financials Assignments


This page currently does not have the Post Labor Cost button present on the workspace financials page.

Important Note: The financial (or Non-Labor) date range is independent of the labor date range. You can be working with week or month granularity on skill or resource assignments and with quarter or year granularity on financial pages.

Add an Assignment

Click the plus “+” icon at the upper left of the page.


Select the Cost Center for the assignment from the OBS drop-down in the dialog.


Select one or more financial items and click the Add button.

Delete an Assignment

Select any cell in the row of an assignment you want to delete and click the “X” icon at the top left of the page.


To delete multiple, contiguous assignments, select a cell in the top or bottom of the rows and use Shift-Click to extend the selection range.

Expose Optional Financial Assignment Fields

Display or hide optional fields/columns with the Columns menu in the drop-down menu in the title cell at the top of each column. It doesn’t matter which column title the selection is made from; the list always contains all fields available in the view.


Change the Financial Date Range

Set the financial date range with the Date Range dialog at the upper right of the page.


Enter Financial Actuals

If you do not have an automated interface to load financial actuals from an external financial system, financial actuals can be entered manually on these financial pages.

To manually enter financial actuals, execute the following steps.

Change the value type displayed from Forecast to Actual using the Value Type button.


Enter actual values.

Click the Save button.

Note: Import from .csv files is an item on the PDWare roadmap as is Copy-Paste to a range of cells.

Post Labor Cost

This feature is currently available only on the project workspace Financial page.

"Post Labor Cost" posts the current labor spend forecast to the Financial item for labor, using the monthly resource rate (upon request, PDWare can set this to use an hourly rate).  Below are instructions.

Click the Post Labor Cost button.


Select a start date for calculating labor cost from the current skill and resource assignment demand.




If there is more than one Labor assignment on the project, the first one encountered will be updated with the current labor spend forecast. The update is immediate.

For more on labor rates and cost calculations, see Understanding Labor Rates.

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