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PDWare Customer Success Center


Brief list of exercises to validate your understanding of basic navigation.

Do the following:

  1. Login with the user name and password your administrator gave you.

  2. Logout.

  3. Log back in, clicking the “Remember Me” box.

  4. Exit the application by “X”ing out instead of logging out.

  5. This time, click your RF7 web client desktop icon and verify you are automatically logged in.

  6. Change your password.

  7. Log out and log back in your new password.

  8. Click in succession on each of the main role-based centers at the top.  Don’t try to change anything yet…just look at the screens for each.

  9. Change your session scope (projects, resources) using the Filter icon in the upper right tray.

  10. In the Projects screen, select Project Data, and use the paging, sorting and filtering capabilities.

  11. Select the Forecasts tab and change the Date Range.

  12. Using the export button to the right, export some data to Excel, ensuring that you finish the download (accessible via the Downloads icon in the upper right tray). 
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