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Overview of ResourceFirstâ„¢ PPM

Overview of ResourceFirst™ PPM 

There are three (3) key process areas of ResourceFirstTM PPM:

  • Prioritization represents the project initiation and prioritization process for formally introducing new initiatives into the portfolio queue and ordering the desired list of initiatives through the consideration of timing, business value and risk.
  • Allocation represents the resource planning process for delivering a feasible portfolio or operating plan through a prioritized approach to assigning supply (skilled resources) against demand requirements.
  • Execution represents the scheduling and tracking of projects within the constraints of allocated resources, and status reporting within the guidelines of corporate governance workflows.

The PDWare philosophy is to implement Resource Planning and Allocation first (“ResourceFirstTM”) because this process area generates the greatest short term impact. We then expand upon that process area with solutions for Execution and Prioritization based on client need.

ResourceFirstTM Web Client was designed with several different types of users in mind: Team-Member (TM), Resource Manager (RM), Project Manager (PM) and Administrator. In the interface, the role based functions are provided in a center for each role:


  • Manage Resources
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Team Member activities
  • Administrators
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