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PDWare License Keys and Codes - ResourceFirst

This article shows how to view and update the PDWare License Key and Codes in the Portfolio Desktop application.


PDWare License Keys and Codes can be viewed or updated in the PDWare Portfolio Desktop tool. Your PDWare representative can assist you with setting special License Key codes as needed.

License Key codes (letters that are appended to the end of the License Key) are as follows:

  • R: Hourly Rate: If present, cost and bill rates are dollars per hour; if not present, rates are dollars per month.
  • V: Resource Manager Financials. Non-Labor items are tied to the Resource OBS instead of the Cost Center OBS.  If this code is not specified and the Cost Center OBS is used, rights to financials will be inherited via the project rights. There is no such thing as Cost Center OBS rights.
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