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Administering Rights

This article shows how to define, edit, and duplicate user rights in ResourceFirst.


To set up and maintain security rights in ResourceFirst, go to Administration-->Rights. The screen depicted in the image below will appear.

In the left pane, you'll see the list of users in the system.

Duplicating Rights: If you click on the "people" icon to the right of the user (within that left pane), you'll be presented with a dialog allowing you to duplicate that user's rights to one or more users. The image after the one below shows that dialog.

Editing/Defining Rights: To edit or define rights for a particular user, select that user in the left pane, then use the center pane to select the right types you wish to define. Clicking on certain types will display a window below the center pane allowing you to define specific project or resource nodes those rights apply to (or in the case of project manager rights, which specific projects they should manage).  Examples of this are in the images below.

Clicking on the right or left arrows between the center and right pane will add/remove rights accordingly.



The image below shows the "Duplicate Rights" dialog that appears if you click on the people icon next to a user in the left pane.


The following images show the various Resource Node, Project Node, Project, etc. windows that will appear if you select certain rights.

In the image below, Project Edit (P2) rights are selected in the center pane, so a Project Nodes window opened up below allowing you to select which Project Nodes the person should have Project Edit rights to.


In the image below, Resource Edit (R2) rights is selected, so the system opened a window below allowing you to select which Resource Nodes the person should have Resource Edit rights to.




In the image below, Project Manager (P1) rights is selected, so the system opened a window below allowing you to select which projects the person should have project manager rights to.





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