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Setting up Scoring and Ranking Criteria

This article explains how to define scoring and ranking criteria in the Administration Center. This criteria is used when ranking projects against others in the portfolio.


Projects can be ranked and scored based on a predefined set of criteria, such as Strategic Fit, Hard ROI, Soft ROI, Risk, and more. This criteria, along with the defined choices and calculations, is set up in Administration under the Ranking tab..

Ranking Fields

To add a scoring element field for ranking, click the "+" icon on the upper left.  To delete a field, click the "x".

You can type into the columns to name the field, give it a description, and identify which "List" to use for the field (see "Ranking Lists" below). Lists determine what choices the user has when scoring that particular element.  You can also specify the order the field should appear in (when users are scoring projects in the Ranking tab for their project project), and assign a min/max value, as well as thresholds for various colors.

Note: The KPI scoring fields are system defaults. You can revise the color settings, but the fields themselves are used for the automatic project KPI scoring.



Ranking Formulas

Formulas come preset with ResourceFirst, but you can revise and add formulas as well.




Ranking Lists

Lists determine the choices users will have when assigning a score to a certain scoring element. The list includes the list items, value for that item and color that should be assigned if that value is chosen. 

Once a list is defined, it can be used when defining any of the ranking fields on the Fields tab.





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