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Administering Forms

This article shows how to create and maintain Project Forms via the Administration Center. The forms can include basic project information, as well as data related to status, schedule and budget.


ResourceFirst allows easy configuration of multiple project forms. These can be used for maintaining basic project information, project status information, budget information, and more. Some organizations like to have everything on one form, with different sections for each category of information, while others prefer a different form for each type of information. Forms appear when you click on a project in the Project Data tab or click on a proposed project in the Initiation tab.

Below is the Forms tab in the Administration area. 


The leftmost window shows the Project forms that exist, along with the clipboard_ea46297b07826cb7fc3de61cf264602a3.png icon for adding a new form and the clipboard_e575f48d9b82c8ed555494d37c101b4af.png icon for deleting a selected form.

The center window shows the available fields that can be dragged onto the form.

The rightmost window is the form itself, which consists of Sections. The example above shows three sections.   


Adding a Section

To add a section, click the clipboard_e822cb185d08130414d9e1df1bdb74259.png button. Then the dialog box below will appear.


You can name the section and choose the number of columns in that section.

If you select the Phases and Milestones option, the section will create a blank section with automatic functionality that will allow the user to select from a list of project phases and milestones. 



Below is an example of a newly created blank Phases and Milestones section called "Phases and Milestones”:




The image below is how the overall form, including the “Phases and Milestones” section, will appear to the end user when they select the form. Note that they have a dropdown clipboard_ecabcbc281c355b1bb59faebd42815e9d.png icon for adding a phase or milestone to the form.  This will allow them to maintain the phase and milestone dates and status right on the form.



Important! Don't forget to click the Save button after making your changes!

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