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Administering Lists

Lists are preconfigured dropdown fields which can be customized in ResourceFirst. This article shows you how.


In ResourceFirst, Lists are another word for "dropdown fields." For instance, the Sponsors list will allow users to select from a list of predefined project sponsors.

To access List administration, go to the Administration Center (the wrench icon in the top icon bar), and select the Lists menu tab. You'll see a sub-tab for each list.

The default lists are as follows. You can rename lists, and, via the Portfolio Desktop tool, you can create custom lists.

  • Users

  • Sponsor

  • Domain

  • Category

  • State

  • Code

  • Skill

  • Cost Category

  • Overhead


Bellow are examples of the standard lists


Users List

Here you can add new users, associate login IDs with resource names, update passwords, set access and activity levels, and designate a user as a Project Manager (PM). The Users list also shows the login status and recent login history of the user. 


Category List

Here you can specify project categories, which are used in some dashboards and views.


State List

This designates the various Project stages (i.e. states) that a project will go through in its lifecycle. This is used in reports and in defining lifecycle workflows. The defaults are shown in the image below, but you can change the names, drag to reorder, delete items, or add new items..



Code List

This list sets financial codes, such as CAP and EXP for Capital and Expense. This appears on Financial views and dashboards.


Skills List

This list is used to define the skills that will be used for resource and skill assignments. It's best to keep this within a reasonable amount for ease of reporting and adding assignments. Too few and it'll be tough to zero in on the right resources. Too many and reports will get convoluted. 50-100 is a good range.



Overhead List

This is where you can keep track of various types of overhead (such as Jury Duty, Sick Leave, Vacation, etc.), for use in time reporting. 




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