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Project Custom Report

A Custom Report template is available that can be formatted by an administrator or by any user who has access to the template. The user formats the report sheet as desired, then links PDW fields to cells on the sheet.

When layout of the custom form is complete, the user saves the file as a custom report template. The saved template can be used repeatedly to produce an Excel workbook with a sheet displaying the customized form for each project visible on the Project Data sheet.

To create a custom template:     

  1. Select the PDWare Reports toolbar icon.
  2. Select Project Custom Report.
  3. Format the Custom Report sheet.
  4. Right click anywhere on the sheet; select Layout Mode
  5. Left click a cell for a field and select the field from the dialog.
    image19_62.png       image19_63.jpg
  6. When all fields have been linked to cells, click the End Layout button in the Select Fields dialog.

7.   Right click anywhere, select Template Defined. The Save As dialog appears.

Navigate to the folder in which the user accessible template is to be stored, enter the template file name and click Save.

To create a periodic report workbook: 

  1. Sort and filter the Project Data sheet to show just the projects desired in the report workbook.
  2. Click File-Open Excel; select the saved custom report template.
  3. Right click, select Create Report.     image19_64.png       
  4. Close and save the resulting report workbook

The following actions occur each time Create Report is selected:

  • An MS Excel workbook is created to contain the report.
  • A worksheet is created for each project visible on the Project Data sheet in their current order (top to bottom rows on the Project Data sheet matches the result left to right sheet tab order).
  • The format of the custom report template is copied to each sheet.
  • Cells in the report that are linked to PDW fields are automatically updated for each project.

Note that multiple report workbooks can be created with a single access to the custom template; simply change the filter on Project Data, use the Window menu to return to the custom template, right click and select Create Report.

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