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PD Ware Inc. Production

Report Descriptions

Cash Flow Charts

For all visible projects, 1 summary chart and 1 chart for each project showing cumulative revenue minus spending; shows Break Even point.

Cost Shale Charts

For all visible projects, 1 summary chart and 1 chart for each project showing for each period non-labor costs summarized by non-labor category.

Effort Rates Report

A copy of the current Effort Forecasts sheet with the applicable cost rate or the cost rate times effort in each cell

Export PDW Sheets

A dialog presents a checkbox for every sheet on all open PDWare Portfolio modules; an MS Excel workbook is created with a copy of all selected sheets.

Product Development Pipeline

Plots visible projects against the available phases and indicates which phase a project falls into.

Project Custom Report Template

A template that can be used to create a customized project report template for the organization. When a user selects the Create Report command, a new workbook is created with a worksheet for every visible project on the Project Data sheet. The format and fields for the report sheets is copied from the custom template.

Project Resource Snapshot

Summarizes allocation percent, demand, and shortfall for resources by node.

Resource Utilization Report

Plots total resource demand, shortfall, capacity, availability and unallocated availability for all resources versus the current checkout dates.

Shale Charts

Produces an area chart of project demand. This results in a layered view of project demand showing the relative percentage of total demand any project consumes during any date in the checked out time period.

Time To Market

Plots projects against the total time remaining until a chosen phase is reached.

User Defined Reports

Choose a set of custom reports to display. Custom reports are defined through the main PDW Portfolio application, and include combinations of Resource Data, Project Data, and Effort Forecast fields.

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