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Project Hierarchy Module

Click the Project Hierarchy (or Resource Hierarchy) toolbar button.

The hierarchy report is similar to project period sheets (e.g. Project Demand, Project Analysis) with the following significant enhancements or differences:

  • Any of a large number of value types can be displayed by period
  • A virtually unlimited number of fields from the Project Data sheet can be displayed in any order you choose
  • Any Project Data field can be chosen to organize the project list hierarchically; the selected values are summed to all hierarchy levels
  • The sheet can be sorted and filtered in the standard ways

The default layout and view is identical to the Project Demand sheet (unless the user sets a different personal default view).

Label Right Click Command Summary

Refresh Data

Rebuild the sheet using current data from the PDWare Portfolio Data workbook reflecting changes to project attributes and demand values.

Set Optional Field Source

Choose fields (in addition to Status, Project Name, and Priority) from Project Data to display and the left to right order of layout.

Show Hierarchy

Toggle display of hierarchy on and off. If no hierarchy has been specified, launch the hierarchy field selection dialog.

Change Hierarchy

Launch the hierarchy field selection dialog.

Set Default Hierarchy

Save the current hierarchy and optional field selections to the user’s local options file. The next time the report is launched it will use the current layout.

Hide Zero Rows

Hide rows with Row Total equal to zero.

Right click in the label area to set label and hierarchy choices.

image19_41.jpg    image19_42.jpg

Right click in the period data area to set data type choices.

The data type commands are slightly different in the Resource Hierarchy module


++ Expands all hierarchy levels, hides all detail records

- - Hides all but hierarchy level 1

+++         Expands all rows including detail records


Any or all hierarchy rows can be expanded to show the detail records beneath them.


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