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What does the Post Labor Forecast menu command do in the Financial module?

This right click command operates on the selected rows on the Financial Detail sheet. If there are any assignments in the selected rows with Financial Category “Labor”, the Calculated Labor values on the Portfolio Summary sheet for the project are copied to the assignment. If there is more than one Labor financial assignment for a project, the values are copied to the first such assignment at the highest cost center node level and values are cleared from all other Labor assignments on that project.

If the right click occurs in the rows above the table, all table rows are considered selected.  If the selection is in the table, assignments with Financial Category not equal to “Labor” are ignored.

If the selection is in the period data area, only the selected periods will be posted. If the selection is in the label area, all periods are implicitly selected and will be posted.

(Actuals can be posted to Labor financial assignments in the same manner.)

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