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What does it mean to “Commit” an assignment?

PDWare normally allocates available capacity to assignments based on the priority of the assignments. However, it is also possible to allocate committed assignments first (by priority within the committed assignments), and then allocate other assignments. This is done using Tools >> Allocate Committed First. To directly commit an assignment, select it, then right click Commit Assignment. Alternately, to set the State of an assignment, select the assignment and right click Edit Assignment, then modify the State value. After either of these, select Recalculate from the menus at top to have the modified allocation approach take effect (assuming Tools >> Allocate Committed First has already been chosen).

The Effort State of an assignment can be one of an administered set of Effort States values (e.g., Proposed, Committed) in Admin >> Admin Lists. All State values administered to be “Alloc 1st” are treated the same. When Tools >> Allocate Committed First is selected, all assignments with State values having Allocate First will be allocated according to their priorities.

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