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The installation package has many installers. Which do I use?

The PDWare Portfolio client install package is organized by hardware property (32 bit vs 64 bit) and Microsoft Excel’s version number. Use the installer in the 64 bit folder if you are using 64 bit Excel. Otherwise use the installer in the 32 bit folder.

The next subfolder separates Excel 2003 file formats from Excel 2007 and later. If the machine has Office 2003 or earlier installed, use the Office 2003 folder. Otherwise, use the Office 2007 folder. You can verify if your Excel is installed as 64 bit using Excel’s About command, usually located in the menu  Help->About. This indicates either 64 bit or 32 bit or indicates that there is no information on hardware memory characteristics. If no information, assume 32 bit.

The location of the About command varies among versions of Excel.

Example of Folder Structure 


* X64 

Office 2003 
Office 2007 
* X86 

Office 2003 
Office 2007