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Is there a Net Present Value calculation in PDWare Portfolio?

Yes. If you set up your PDWare environment properly, you can Post NPV from the Financial module to a Project Data User Defined Field (UDF).  

Environment Setup

On the Project Data sheet, select menu View > Views, Reports, Fields > Map Project Optional Fields.

Map fields “COC Rate” and “Project NPC” to two UDFs.

In the COC Rate % field on Project Data, enter a Cost of Capital rate for each project that is to have NPV calculated.


Create a financial plan for the project(s).

On the Portfolio Summary or BFA View sheet in the Financial module, right click and select Post NPV. The NPV is calculated using the COC Rate and the scheduled Start Date of the project. The values are stored in the mapped Project NPV UDF for the selected projects.

If the right click is in a selection within the project rows, NPV is posted for the selected projects only. If the right click selection is above the data table, NPV is posted for all projects that have a COC Rate.

If you have projects checked out from the database, you can then Save Data to record the NPV for subsequent analysis and reporting.

COC Rate % and Project NPV are free form entry fields. A user who has permission can edit either field before or after posting.