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In 6.1, what is the purpose of the Include Non-Labor checkbox?

Is it still required to get the financial information? In PDWare versions prior to version 6.1, non-labor (financial) assignments were available on the Effort Forecasts sheet. In version 6.1, financial assignments are created, modified, and saved in the Financial module (accessed by the “$” toolbar icon).

However, financial assignments can be loaded at Get Data in order to calculate project non-labor cost and revenue. The assignments are hidden; they cannot be modified and are not saved with the Database > Save Data command.

Users who don’t need to see the non-labor cost and revenue fields on the Project Data sheet should NOT check the Include Non-Labor checkbox.

Users who capture project status or baselines SHOULD include non-labor at Get Data. When the status or baseline is taken, the Non Labor cost and revenue fields are captured providing summary history of all project attributes.

It is recommended, but not necessary, to check the Include Non Labor checkbox in the Get Data dialog in order to use the Financial module.