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How to use Effort Forecasts filters to show 1) all assignments with a demand value that exceeds a resource’s capacity, and 2) all assignments for every resource with a total demand greater than capacity.

Two filter commands are available to support identification of issues with demand for named resources (as opposed to skill assignments).

These filters are designed to deal with two different problem cases. In one, a resource manager types “5” instead of “.5”. In the other, the resource manager adds an assignment for a resource with a demand value less than capacity but there are other assignments that produce total demand greater than capacity.

The commands are accessed on the PDWare menu bar with Filter > Special Filters > Overallocated on 1 Assignment or Overallocated Total.


The Effort Forecasts sheet is sorted by Resource Node and Resource name and then filtered to show only the relevant assignments. The Effort Forecasts sheet is activated if it is not the active sheet.

These filters can also be set by right click command in the Node Utilization report.