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PDWare Customer Success Center

How do you import data from Excel into PDWare?

This can be done using PDWare’s Paste Import capability, as follows: • First, select the PDWare tab into which the data will be imported.

• Open the data source Excel file either in a separate instance of Excel or within the PDWare Excel instance. Ensure that the column names in the source data exactly match PDWare field names on the destination sheet. The source fields can be in any order; dates for period data columns must be in the standard date format “m/d/yyyy”.

• Minimum number of fields:

Project Data – 1, Project Name
Resource Data – 1, Resource Name
Effort Forecasts – 2, Project Name and Resource/Skill Name or PROJECTKEY and/or RESOURCEKEY.

• Source data should be in contiguous rows and columns, with no hidden or filtered data.

• Highlight and copy the cells to be imported, included column headers.

• Activate (select) the PDWare workbook (worksheet).  The destination tab should still be showing.

• Select the Edit>Paste Import menu to import the data.

• Verify that the expected rows are flagged as “E” (label value changed), “V” (period data value changed),  “C” (both label and period data changed) or “N” (new), with the changed values shown in bold.

• If an error occurs, an option to examine the error log is provided.  Scroll to the bottom of the log to see the errors for the import just done.

[Tip: If a history of the errors is NOT needed, delete all the text in the error log and save it empty.]