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How do I give a user rights to see and modify financial assignments on a single project?

The F1 financial edit right applies to individual projects; F0, F2, and F3 apply to nodes in the project tree (OBS) and therefore to all projects in the specified node.

The Financial checkbox in the rights dialog enables the “$” toolbar icon which launches the Financial module in Portfolio mode, i.e. showing the financial plan for all projects in the current Get Data session.

Hence, give the user F1 rights to one or more projects, F0 to the node(s) containing the projects, AND no other financial right:

  • The user will not have the “$” toolbar icon. The Show Financial Plan right click menu will appear only when the right click is in a cell on the row of a project to which the user has the F1 right.
  • Show Financial Plan opens the Financial module in single project mode.
  • The user can add/edit/delete financial assignments; NO checkout is required.

If you give the user the Financial checkbox in addition to F1 on a project AND F0 (Financial Read Only) on a project OBS node:

  • The “$” toolbar icon is present if the user has at least F0 rights to all Get Data project nodes.
  • Right click Show Financial Plan works as described above.
  • The Financial module can be opened in portfolio mode with the $ toolbar icon.
  • Edits to projects other than the F1 project are discarded when the Save Financial Data command is issued.