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How do I create a report on my financial data in PDWare?

Use the report Pivot Source Data.

  1. Use one or more User Defined fields on the Financial Detail sheet in the Financial module to categorize financial items in ways you will want for reporting.
  2. Open the Financial module during a PDWare session.
  3. Launch the Pivot Source Data report (with the Financial module open).
  4. On the Pivot Specification sheet, select fields and value types needed for the report.
  5. Right Click > Create Report.
  6. On the MS Excel ribbon, click the Insert tab and select a Pivot type in the Tables section.
  7. In the Table Range box of the Create Pivot Table dialog, enter the name "PivotRange" (without the quote marks); click OK.
  8. Construct all the pivot tables and charts you need on as many sheets as you want.
  9. From the MS Excel File tab Save As to a .xlsm file type (so the macros will be available when you run the report in PDWare later).