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PDWare Customer Success Center

How do I create a financial plan for a project? How do I create financial assignments?

Get Data with projects checked out (required to save financial assignments*). Right click the project row on the Project Data or Project Demand sheet and select the command Show Financial Plan. This launches the PDWare Financial module with the Financial Detail worksheet active.

Right click anywhere and select Insert Financial Assignment. This launches the Financial Assignments dialog. Note: Do NOT use the Insert menu at the top of the window; that is for labor type assignments (resource or skill) only.

Select the cost centers and financial items to be captured as the financial plan for the project. After clicking the Insert button, enter the plan units or dollars for the relevant periods and items. (Right click menu Show Currency toggles between Currency and Units mode.)

Save the assignments to the database by right click command Save Financial Data.

Note: Financial assignments cannot be made to new projects. Save Data to the database before trying to create a financial plan.

*If your system has been configured to associate financial assignments with resource organizations, resources must be checked out and project checkout is NOT required.