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How can I see phase date inconsistencies in PDWare Portfolio?

For purposes of this feature, a phase date inconsistency is defined as follows:

A phase date is inconsistent if it is later than a phase date (or Finish) to the right of it on the Project Data sheet.

Click the Tools > Highlight Phase Inconsistencies menu while on the Project Data sheet with phase date columns visible. Inconsistent dates are highlighted with yellow fill and large font . The menu is a toggle; unchecking it clears the highlighting.


A phase date is highlighted if any date to the right is earlier than it; the Finish date is highlighted if any phase date is later than it . The dates enclosed in the red rectangles in the screen shot above are the dates that cause the highlighting on the "earlier" phase date.

If there are any inconsistent dates, the Project Data sheet is temporarily filtered to display only those projects with inconsistent dates. (A temporary filter does not persist if any other operation involving a filter occurs.)

Autofit is applied to all columns with inconsistent dates. This means that those columns will appear if previously hidden and may be wider (or narrower) than previously specified.  When highlighting is turned off, previous column width settings are re-applied.

[Available in versions 611.93 and later.]