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How can I move a project forward or backward in time? What do the Project Demand Move and Extend Right commands do?

These commands provide a simple method for moving demand data on the Effort Forecasts sheet and optionally shifting project phase dates. The commands are available if the right click is in a selection of cells on one or more rows.  Move All is also available when the selection is not in the data periods. Extend Right

In this example the Verification phase is going to take 6 periods (months in this case) longer. We want the demand profile of the rest of the project to remain the same. Demand in the periods April to August is moved right 6 periods and the run rate of the selected period, April, is maintained through September.

Phase dates that occur during the affected periods are incremented because the Move phase dates checkbox in the dialog is checked.

Move All behaves similarly. The selection location is irrelevant; all demand is moved and all phase dates are incremented or decremented.

Move Selection moves only the selected data, overwriting whatever was in the destination cells.

Negative values are permitted for Move All and Move Selection.

Clear empties the demand cells in the selected periods.