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Things to watch out for with Templates

Get Data Range

Be sure to have enough time in your Get Data periods to include all resource plan values. For example, if the template resource plan has demand spread over 34 months your Get Data should span at least that time frame; it could be 36 months or 12 quarters etc.

Financial assignment values are independent of the Get Data date range. If the financials in the template cover 4 years and the Get Data date range is 18 months, Apply Template with Financials checked will create financial assignments for all 4 years from the start date specified in the Apply/Get Template dialog.

Include financial values in the template or not?

You may want some of your templates to contain financial assignment rows with no period values. This is useful to provide a standard set of pre-built financial items for new projects where the period value profile will be unique to each project.

Values can be included for some or all assignments and would be useful if there is a typical profile of spending (or revenue) for some types of projects.

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