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Creating Project Templates


The elements of a project plan included in a template are:

fields on the Project Data row

milestones from the Status module

assignment rows from Effort Forecasts

financial assignments (if any) from the Financial Detail sheet in the Financial module.

A template must have a project/template name; a project can contain any combination of these elements

A template with a financial plan only might be used to add a standard set of financial assignments to projects of a certain type after they have reached some stage in the planning process.


A template can be created indirectly by selecting cells on a row of an existing project and clicking menu Database > Create Template.

A template can be created directly by specifying Templates Only in the Get Data dialog and then using standard PDWare Portfolio features to create a model project with all desired template elements.

In either case, be sure to specify a Get Data period range large enough to include all labor demand and financial values the model template will contain!

Step by step instruction - Create indirectly from an existing project

1.    Select the source project on the Project Data sheet.

2.    Click menu Database > Create Template.

3.    Enter a template name, a template description, and check the skills rollup and include financials checkboxes as appropriate.

Note: Skills rollup is checked by default. Normally, individual people by name should not be in a template. 


Note: Skills rollup is checked by default. Normally, individual people by name should not be in a template.

Step by step instruction - Create directly in Templates Only mode

1.    Get Data with Templates Only checked.

Get Data Templates.jpg

2.    Insert a project with a meaningful template name.


3.    Enter or select all project field values to be included in the template.

Careful attention should be given to the project start date, phases and phase finish dates, and the project end/finish date.

Project start date should be the same as the Get Data start date. Phase finish dates should be set to produce the desired phase duration relative to the previous phase finish (or to project start for phase 1).


4.    Create Skill assignments in the correct resource nodes; enter model demand profile values.


5.    Click menu Database > Save Data to save the project and labor plan to the database.



6.    Right click in the project row and select Show Status; enter template milestones with completion dates relative to the project start.

7.    Right click in the Status module and select Submit; close the Status module.


8.    Right click in the project row and select Show Financial Plan.

9.    Right click anywhere on the Financial Detail sheet and select Insert Financial Assignment.


See a brief how-to video

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