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Special Project Filters


There are several desirable project filters that cannot be set easily using the standard Portfolio filter methods.

These include the Diagnostic project filters (see the Diagnostic Filters Guide for detailed descriptions of these filters):

Schedule Slip

Overdue Status

Phase Inconsistencies

Demand Out of Bounds

No Demand in Project Periods

and the special project filters available in the Filter menu:

Special Project Filters Menu.jpg

Each of the special project filters has a dialog in which you set options for the filter. When options are set the filter is automatically applied. 

In addition each filter has an on/off toggle command which applies the previously specified options when toggled on.

Project State Filter

[Available in Portfolio build 611.139.]

Using the Set Project State Filter Specification Dialog

Toggle the Project State Filter On/Off

The menu Filter -> Filter Project State turns the state filter on and off. When this command is used to turn the state filter off the apply to calculation option is also turned off.

If you want to keep the calculation option on, use the state filter dialog to turn filtering off.

Project Phase Filter


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