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Diagnostics and Special Filters

Diagnostic Filters



Schedule Slip

Schedule slip:  Forecast phase or project finish later than defined % buffer of start to baseline finish


Overdue Status

Status overdue:  Status AsOf date less than defined days of today's date

Phase Inconsistencies

Phase/project finish earlier than previous finish

Demand Out of Bounds

Projects that have demand before the start and/or after the finish dates

No Demand in Project Periods

Projects that have one or more periods with no demand between the start and finish date periods

Skill Assign Issues

Skill Assignment timing issues  (From start period to end period highlight project demand cells where the resource plan includes skill assignments)

Overallocated on 1 Assignment

Assignments with demand in a period > resource capacity


All Assignments of Overallocated Resources

All assignments for every resource that is overallocated

Shortfall Assignments

Assignments with shortfall

Duplicate Assignments

Two or more assignments of the same skill or resource from the same node to one project with the same Comment text.

Assignment Issues

Resource doesn't have skill
Some resource outside node has skill
No resource has the skill
No Required skill

Overutilized Resources

Show resources who meet the overutilized criteria


Underutilized Resources

Show resources who meet the underutilized criteria

No Primary Skill

Show resources who do not have a Primary Skill.

No Skills at All

Show resources who have no skills at all.

Special Filters

Resource Search

Filter Resource Data and other resource sheets based on multiple criteria related to any resource attributes. The user specifies the criteria in the Resource Search dialog.

Changed Record Filter

Filter all Portfolio Data book sheets to display only those records (rows) that have a change flag in the Delta column.

Filter Phases

Turn phase filtering on/off per the phase filter specification.

Set Phase Filter Spec

Set the phase filter specification: name of phase, as of date, choice of before, after, in phase, or a combination.

Filter Project State

Turn project state filtering on/off per the state filter specification.

Set State Filter Spec

Set the state filter specification: selection of one or more states; choices to hide inactive projects, filter project sheets, apply the filter in allocation and optimization calculations, or a combination.

Highlight & Filter Option Commands

Highlight Phase Inconsistencies

Highlight Skill Assign Issues

Skill Assign Issue Options

Highlight Schedule Slip

Set Schedule Slip Criteria



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