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Saving Models and Using Them Later

         Models can be stored in the database. To save a model, right click on the Capacity Model sheet and select Save Model. No two saved models may have the same name. Later you may load a saved model using Open Model.

          When a model is loaded it will set the saved model specifications as when it was saved. Any node-skill rows that are in the current Get Data that match up with saved node-skill rows will retain their model percents for the time periods that were saved. If a model row was saved while Protected it will be Protected when loaded.

          You may load a model into any time period you can Get Data on but if a model is loaded where no time periods were originally saved you will see empty grid values. The model can be extended though. Any additions to the model can be saved, growing the model so that the original saved time periods and your new changes will all be part of the model.

          If different users load different branches of a saved model they can work independently and both save their separate changes back to the model. This makes it possible for a model to be built collaboratively by many users who have access to different branches of the resource hierarchy. The model must exist before they begin, and they must use the Open Model dialogue to select the saved model first. It is not possible for two users to both create new models, save them with the same name, and have the models be combined. Updates can only be saved to model names that are Opened.

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