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Apply Model

         The Apply Model command decreases resource capacity by removing capacity from existing resources or adds new To-Be-Hired resources with required capacity based on the model. This command cannot be undone without Getting Data and starting over in a new Pdware session.

          If this command is used no more modeling can be done in the PDWare session. The command is only available when a model has been computed by either the Change box or the Calculate right click command.

         The Apply Model command provides the connecting glue between a capacity model and your portfolio. It creates resources such that the Model Result header shown in the Capacity Model is your actual portfolio capacity, on the Resource Capacity sheet. Since the Capacity Model is aware of what skills are needed, the resources created by the Apply Model command will satisfy any shortfall. Where the model identifies that a skill reduction is needed, the command will remove capacity from resources with that Primary Skill. Resources without a primary skill are ignored by the capacity reduction step.


          Set Column Defaults has no effect within the Capacity Model. This is left open for a future enhancement.

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