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Create New Model

When a new model is created, the summary rows at the top of the screen are calculated. These rows display how much shortfall, unused capacity (Unutilized), and current capacity is in your current portfolio. These rows can give good insight into how any constructed models will affect the portfolio. Additional information is available on the Project Result sheet. If the right click command Show Grid is NOT selected, only the summary rows are visible. Right Click -> Show Grid displays the Node-Skill rows.



Summary Rows

  • Demand Shortfall - Total assignment demand minus total resource allocation
  • Unutilized - Total resource capacity minus total resource allocation (there is no demand that the resources can satisfy)
  • Current Capacity - Total resource capacity/cost
  • Change - After a model has been created, Model Result minus Current Capacity
  • Model Result - The total capacity resulting from applying the model percent values to current capacity

Model Factors

  • Min Unutil: Specify the minimum unutilized capacity the Autocalc will look at. Only when unutilized capacity is greater than Min Unutil will capacity be reduced.
  • If Min Unutil is zero (0), all unutilized capacity will be reduced. If Min Unutil is .3 (30%), a resource 60% utilized will have capacity reduced; a resource 75% utilized will have no capacity reduction.
  • Change: Target change to total capacity (FTE or Cost). Entering a value here causes an automatic calculation (Autocalc) of a model.
  • If the value is 0 (no change in total capacity), unutilized capacity will be used to satisfy Demand Shortfall.
  • The result of this automatic calculation appears in the grid as percent increases or decreases in capacity. Where allocation for a node-skill is to be increased but no resources in the node with that skill has availability an absolute (positive) value will be present. This is a FTE capacity increase.


Change Example

  • If there is more demand shortfall than unutilized capacity and the change value is the positive difference between them (3.5 in the screen shot below), 100% of portfolio demand will be met.
  • If the change is -10.6, unutilized will drop to 20 and demand shortfall will be unchanged.
  • If the change is -40.6, unutilized will drop to 0 and demand shortfall will increase to 44.1. In this case resources allocated to the projects at the bottom of the prioritized project list will have their capacity reduced thereby increasing shortfall




Enter a value in the Change cell.


Show Capacity

The breakdown of capacity by node-skill assignment is viewable directly on the Model grid. Right click and select Show Capacity to view capacity. Right click and select the Show Capacity again to toggle capacity off and view model values again.


Model Manipulation

 You can change individual cells in the node-skill grid by:

1.  Entering the change percent directly in the data grid.

2.  When the cell is light turquoise entering the capacity directly (no need for percent).

3.  Entering the change percent in a header column. This will cascade the change to all cells in the column.

4.  Entering the change percent in the Overall Percent field above the Rows Totals column. This will apply the entered percent to all cells in the grid.

Percents in the grid can be positive or negative for adding resources and removing capacity respectively.

Direct entry on the grid does not recalculate the model. To see the changes to Demand Shortfall and Unutilized Capacity right click and select Calculate Model. Clicking Calculate Model is not available until there is a change within the model cells.

When working in Cost mode it is important to remember that direct entries to the model are always an amount in FTE. The effect on Cost is then calculated and presented in the Summary rows.

Cost Mode Calculation

The Capacity Model shows the cost of your resources (capacity pool). This cost is computed by taking the resource capacity and multiplying by the resource rate. When the model fills in shortfall using a To-Be-Hired resource that resource will have the same rate as the skill assignment.

Protected Rows

A node-skill row can be protected from model reductions entered in the Change field. When a row is protected it is highlighted with a gray color. The capacity modeling will not autocalc a reduction in a protected row but will still increase capacity in protected rows.

To protect a selection of rows, right click and select Protect Selected Rows.

To toggle Protection off, right click and select Unprotect Selected Rows.

Protection can be disabled for all rows by right clicking and selecting Unprotect All.

Model Evaluation

Two reports are available upon any model change: Project Results and Skill Impact.


The Project Results sheet shows a view similar to the Project Demand sheet. The default values shown are the Model Allocation Percent of Demand. Other values are available.

1.  Model Difference : displays the difference between model allocation and the current allocation.

2.  Model Allocation : displays the allocation of the model.

3.  Model Shortfall : displays the shortfall of the model.

4.  The demand, allocation, shortfall, and allocation percent of demand from the current Portfolio Data source.

The skill impact sheet is a chart showing the headcount (FTE change/number of model periods) increases and decreases of capacity by skill. The skill impact sheet is updated after every Calculate Model or Change(Autocalc) update. Changes between .5 and -.5 headcount are not displayed on the chart.

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