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Baseline-Forecast-Actual Module


The Baseline-Forecast-Actual (BFA) module provides the following features:

  • Set a project phase baseline including project data and labor forecast
  • Capture current labor forecast as a baseline plan
  • View baselines, forecast, and actuals with variances in report and chart form
  • Display historical baselines with forecast and actuals on sheets and charts
  • Capture resource actual effort on project assignments

The process premise is that life cycle phase resource baselines and ad hoc project plan changes can be saved for comparison to actual performance.

This module contains four worksheets; Project Summary, Actual Entry, Program Summary, and Resource Summary.

  • Project Summary:  summarizes values from assignments by project
  • Actual Entry:  contains an entry for every resource or skill assignment in the current Get Data download
  • Program Summary:  summarizes values from assignments by program
  • Resource Summary:  summarizes values from assignments by resource


The Baseline-Forecast-Actual module is used by

  • project managers or resource managers to capture the current Effort Forecast labor demand (skill and resource assignments) as a named baseline, and
  • resource managers to capture actual effort by resources on project assignments
  • any user to examine and compare baselines to actual-forecast.

Select Values (Rows) for Display

The rows displayed for each record can be controlled on each sheet through the right click menu or by setting the options in the Table Value Options dialog.

image19_9.jpg              image19_10.png

Save Project Baselines

To save a baseline, select one or more projects, click menu Baseline/Actuals > Save Baseline. Then enter a baseline name or select a previously entered name from the drop down list.


This command is available only if the selection is in the label area on the Project Summary sheet.

It executes the following steps for each selected project:

  • Copies current forecast demand for each resource and skill assignment to the associated baseline record.
  • Presents a dialog in which the user selects the phase name for the baseline.
  • Saves the baseline to the database.
  • Executes the Database-Submit Status with Baseline to capture all project fields from Project Data and the current milestone dates and names.

If the baseline name dialog is cancelled or an invalid name is chosen, the Forecast to Baseline portion of the operation remains in effect but nothing is written to the database. If the module is then closed, the “Save Baseline?” message appears.

“Yes” to this message does NOT submit project status to the database.

Capture Forecast as Baseline


On any of the four sheets, select one or more records to be baselined. Right click in the selection and click the Forecast to Baseline command.

Selection entirely in the period data area

Baseline only the selected periods for the selected records

Selection in the label area

Baseline all periods for the selected records

Selection in the rows above the column titles

Baseline all periods for all records

Select target and issue command 

Edit section


Edit section

Capture resource actuals

Enter actual effort values in the Actual row for a resource assignment on the Actual Entry worksheet. When you have entered all actual values, select the BFA menu Baseline/Actuals-Save Actuals to save the new values to the database.


Display historical baselines

To display one or more historical baselines, select one or more rows on the Project Summary or Actual Entry sheet and click menu Baseline/Actuals-Historical Baseline … . Then select one or more historical baseline names from the dialog list.

image19_16.jpg    image19_17.jpg

At any time, the current baseline, the current forecast, actuals, and any or all historical baselines can be displayed for all or for selected projects. Similarly charts can be created for all or for selected projects

As usual, View-Sheet Legend displays the color threshold setting for the sheet.


Chart Baseline, Forecast, Actual

Select one or more projects, right click the selection and select Generate BFA Reports.

A Total chart contains the summary of all selected projects; each project is charted separately. The charts can be moved and sized as you wish.


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