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Baseline Process Principles and Data Capture


The basic principle is to capture predictions and forecasts at various points during the life of the project. The plan captured at one of those points can be considered the "contract" among executives, functional management, and the project team as to funding and resources supplied (and when) and the outcome to be expected. This comprehensive historical data set enables analysis of trends and an assessment of project and organization success in accomplishing plans.

Approval for project initiation is usually based on a project plan that defines scope, schedule, cost, and expected benefits. Confidence in achieving the plan normally increases as the project goes on.

A very good management practice is to have one or more milestones during project execution at which the plan is revised to higher levels of confidence. These revisions are called "baselines" in the PDWare process. The revised plan can be compared later with the project outcome to assess the success of the project.

What happens when a baseline is captured

When a project baseline is captured, all current forecast records and values are copied to a separate set of tables in the PDWare database. The records/values optionally captured in a project baseline are:

All fields on the Project Data row and all milestones from the Status module tables

All assignment rows from the Effort Forecasts sheet (Skill and Resource)

All assignment rows (if any) for the project from the Financial Detail sheet in the Financial module

These records are uniquely associated with a number of baseline attributes including a user specified baseline name (often a phase transition name) and submit date and  user name of the submitter.

NOTE: If no period range is specified in the Baseline dialog, the labor demand data and the financial period forecast data include ALL periods with data, i.e. not constrained by the Get Data period range.

See a brief how-to video

Step by Step

1.  Select one or more projects on any project sheet.

2.  Click Database > Submit Baseline in the PDWare menu bar to launch the Baseline dialog.

Baseline_Submit Menu.jpg

3.  Select or enter a baseline name in the Baseline Parameters dialog.

Baseline Dialog NEW.jpg

4.  Specify the record types to be captured in the baseline.

5.  Specify the time frame of the data to be captured (unchecked means all period values beginning to end).

6.  Click OK.


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