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Replace Assignment

The Replace Assignment command is used to replace a skill or named resource assignment with one or more resources that have the required availability.


Availability in the candidate list is a function of the Target Requirement. It is the total unused capacity during periods when there is demand for the replacement target up to a maximum of the demand. A candidate may have more availability but it is not relevant to meeting the demand.

The Target Requirement is a function of the Replace option buttons; All Demand and Shortfall

The sheet is filtered to display the target resource and the replacement(s) with the demand distributed per the checkbox settings AND the Start and Periods specification (if any).

The values are highlighted in bold and the character “N” is placed in the Delta column for the replacement(s) and “R” for the target(s) to indicate that changes have been made to the records.

 WARNING:  Do not delete the replacement target assignment row unless you are absolutely sure. Deleting a replaced Effort Forecast row deletes any associated data such as baselines or actuals and all past and future effort (demand) values even if they are not part of the current session download from the database.

The table below describes the behavior of the dialog for each of the combinations of what to replace and how to replace it.



Target Demand Result

Replacement Demand Result



Target retains demand that target can satisfy plus any demand that replacements cannot satisfy

Replacement availability up to shortfall



Target demand is zero in all periods unless replacement availability is less than demand

Replacement availability up to all demand



Target retains demand that target can satisfy

All shortfall evenly distributed to replacement(s)



Target demand is zero

All demand evenly distributed to replacement(s)

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