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Get Data


Project Node: select the project node(s) to download from the database.

Resource Node: select the resource node(s) to download from the database.

The Project and Resource Organization Breakdown Structure (“OBS”) trees allow you to select specific Project and Resource “nodes” to retrieve from the PDWare Portfolio Database. A multi-select option is available in the "More" section at the bottom of the dialog.

The OBS list is a tree structure with branches that can be expanded or contracted by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols or by double clicking the text of a node.

The OBS list is highlighted to show the users permission level and the lock state of a node.

Black:     The user does not have any rights to the node.

Green:    The user has rights to read the node and the node is not ‘Checked Out’.

Red:      The node is ‘Checked Out’.

Bold:      The user has rights to check out the node.

Checkout Checkboxes: if checked, data can be changed and saved back to the database. Anyone with rights can read checked out data BUT no one else can check out thenode (or branch) while you have it checked out.

Date Range Frame: select the start date, the number of time periods, and the period granularity (days/weeks/months/quarters/halves/years).

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