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Enable Excel Macros

NOTE: For PDWare Portfolio to function you must Enable Macros in Excel.

If your security settings for Microsoft Excel™ are set to “Medium”, you will see the this dialog or the equivalent:

The following one time steps, if not already done, will allow you to use PDWare Portfolio but flag any file trying to use Macros.

(We recommend a security setting of “Medium” for Microsoft Excel™ when using PDWare Portfolio.  If the setting is changed to “High”, PDWare Portfolio will be unable to run.  If the setting is changed to “Low”, there will be no warning box when workbooks with code or macros are opened.)

  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to Tools in the menu bar at the top of the screen
  3. Go to OPTIONS in the Tools pull down
  4. Click in the security tab
  5. Click on the Macro Security button on the bottom right
  6. Pick the Medium security level for Macros. This will give you a pop up asking you if you want to “Enable Macros” every time you have an Excel file with Macros in it.  For PDWare Portfolio, you will always have to “Enable Macros” when you open the PDWare Portfolio application.
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