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What is PDWare Portfolio Desktop?

PDWare Portfolio IS:

The purpose of this application is to help the organization define and manage an achievable portfolio of projects. 

It does this by         

  • capturing and analyzing what resource managers know about the deployment of their resources
  • capturing and analyzing what project managers know about the status and critical parameters of their projects
  • providing views and reports to the management team showing problem areas for discussion and resolution.

Characteristics of the application:

Identifies portfolio resource and balance issues

  • Highlights resource contention problems in the portfolio and provides methods for examining alternative solutions.
  • Stimulates discussion of exceptions among project managers, resource managers, and portfolio/pipeline managers.
  • Low overhead method for resource managers to plan the deployment of their resources.
  • Simple rollup of resource deployment plans
  • Captures history (baseline, forecasts, actual) for analysis and improvement
  • Uses resource allocation by priority to highlight portfolio planning problems
  • Uses baseline (contract) versus resource forecast (staffing plan) to highlight execution problems

PDWare Portfolio IS NOT:

  • Not about detailed project planning and execution
  • Not automated resource leveling (allocation is NOT leveling).
  • PDWare Portfolio allocation does NOT produce a recommended solution to resource contention problems.
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