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Advanced Filter

Select menu command Filter-Advanced Filter.

The advanced filter criteria range is displayed at the top of the screen.


Left click in the first cell beneath Project Name (this is the criteria range). [It is not necessary to put the criteria in the first row although that is conventional.]

To use the wildcard symbol, type “*{character string}*” (including the asterisks, but without the quotes) and press the Enter key then click the Filter Sheet button.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.17.35 AM.png
If you do not press the Enter key the insertion point remains in the cell. In that case no other application command can be initiated; pressing buttons has no effect.

Right-click in the cell directly beneath the label Manager, select a project manager name from the list, and click the Filter Sheet button (the Filter funnel).

This is an “AND” filter (i.e.,  “*{previous filter letters}*” contained within the Project Name AND selected project manager in the Manager field.

Click the Back One Filter Spec button to remove the most recent entry in the Advanced Filter (in this case, the selected manager in the Manager field).

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.17.35 AM.png 
Sometimes a filter operation seems to show no visible rows. Often there are records above the current position that are not visible until you scroll up.

Hold the Ctrl key down while pressing the Home key.

This positions the selection to the top visible row and column in the table.

Alternatives are to use the Page Up key, the vertical scroll bar, or the mouse wheel button.

Click the Remove Sheet Filter button.

Notice that the Advanced Filter criteria range is not hidden when the sheet filter is removed.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.17.35 AM.pngIf you want to change the filter, add and delete criteria in the criteria range and click the Filter Sheet button (the Filter funnel).



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