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Formula Fields

Formula fields are provided for very simple calculations using Project Data fields as operands. A formula field specification has a name, two operands, and a simple arithmetic operator. Formula fields can be displayed in user defined columns on the Project Data sheet by using the Map Optional Fields dialog.

Formula field specifications are saved to a PDWFormula.ini file stored in the user’s PDWare Portfolio application folder. Every Get Data operation also reads the specifications from the formula ini file.

Formula fields have no effect until they are mapped to a User Defined Field on the Project Data sheet.

To define a formula field:

Click View-Define Formula Fields.


Formulas have the following syntax:

Formula:        Operand1; Operator; Operand2

Operand:       Project Data Field {Operand Modifier}, OR

            #Constant {Operand Modifier}

Operand Modifier:   Operator; Constant

Operator:      “+”, “-“, “/”, “*”

An definition in words for the Productivity formula is:

            Divide Total Revenue by (FTE multiplied by 1,000).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not create circular references with formula fields;

            Formula 1 = Field 7 + Field 8

            Formula 2 = Field 8 + Field 7

            Do not put Formula 1 in Field 8, Formula 2 in Field 7.

Constant Operand

Operand 2 contains the constant 1.15 which will multiply the Capital field for each project.


Note that a constant in an Operand has the pound sign (“#”) as prefix but the constant in an Operand Modifier has no prefix other than the Operator (see screen shot below for a constant Operand example).

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