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Mapped Project Fields

The following optional project fields are available for display in a specified user defined field (UDF) on the Project Data sheet:

Current Phase. The project phase as of the current date.

Non-Labor Categories. Summary for each project of the non-labor cost of all non-labor items with the specified category (e.g. Capital, Vendor).

Attrition. A factor applied to all resource and skill assignment demand on a project when the menu Tools-Apply Attrition is checked. Non-numeric values are ignored. If no attrition field is defined, the Tools-Apply Attrition menu item is not visible. 

Allocation Fields. The result for each project of the current allocation options; possible value types are Allocation, Allocation %, Shortfall, Shortfall % (of demand). 

Formula Fields. The result for each project of applying the specified formula field (see Formula Fields below). 

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